We offer everyone the opportunity to improve their level of fitness at

 affordable price in our friendly, well equipped, spacious gym.

Legends Gym Dalston


Legends Gym is very well equipped in strength training equipment from best brands on the market like Hammer Strength, Life fitness, Cybex, Precor. Our wide range of strength equipment which includes plate loaded, pin selectorized, functional cable machines has all you need in resistance training.


Official Hammer Strength site;

Legends gym is an official Hammer Strength site, we have variety of Hammer Strength plate loaded resistance training equipment in our gym.


Free weights:

Our dumbbells start from 1kg to 70 kg, our Olympic iron plates start from 1.25kg to 25 kg. Over 1600kg of dumbells and over 4000kg of weight plates are available in our gym.

Legends Gym Dalston


-No contract, no joining fee on any membership
-Warehouse style 5000sq feet spacious gym floor
-Official Hammer Strength site
-Supplements shop and bar
-90 pieces of gym stations
-From just £5.38 per week

Opening Hours


Monday : 7am-10pm,
Tuesday : 7am-10pm,
Wednesday : 7am-10pm,
Thursday : 7am-10pm,
Friday : 7am-10pm,
Saturday : 10am-5pm,
Sunday : 10am-5pm

Contact Us


Phone: 020 7812 9600
Address: 6 Ridley Rd, London E8 2NR
Mail: info@legendsgym.net